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AFKMud 2.2.2
Mar 3, 2019 5:35 pm
By Samson
Nov 28, 2018 12:10 pm
By Keirath
First Immortal
Oct 12, 2018 2:02 pm
By GatewaySysop
Bug in do_climb( )
Jun 5, 2018 7:31 pm
By joeyfogas
question on overland code
May 31, 2018 12:03 pm
By joeyfogas
SmaugFUSS 1.9.3
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
AFKMud 2.2.2
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
tintin++ ogg sound player script for linux
Author: Robert Smith
Submitted by: Vladaar
6Dragons ogg Soundpack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
6Dragons 4.4
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
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AFKMud 1.63
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added

AFKMud Team Samson 485 1.87 MB Dec 26, 2006

New stuff this release:

Event polling system has been replaced with event polling from IMC2 0.10 [Samson]
Shell commands now have their own OLC. [Samson]

Bugfixes this release:

Force and mpforce commands secured with the use of CMD_NOFORCE flags. [Samson]
smash_tilde calls added to a number of user editable data types. [Samson]
Class files were saving with capital C in .class [Samson]
Players can collect money from auctions in which the buyer was deleted. [Samson]
fread_float now works properly. [Samson/Greven]
Line editor will reveal used color codes now. [Quixadhal]
HIDDEN_TILDE changed to something not user selectable in game. [Samson]

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Area resets now passed through event polling system. [Samson]
fread_char and fwrite_char cleaned up. [Samson]
Signal handlers initialized from main() instead of game_loop() [Samson]
SIGSEGV signals will now be intercepted and logged via backtrace. [Samson]
Shell commands will now honor log settings and log things properly. [Samson]
String hashing is no longer an optional component. [Samson]
show_char_to_char_0 cleaned up. [Samson]
Compass output cleaned up and optimized. [Xorith]
do_weather cleaned up. [Xorith]
do_help revised and cleaned up. [Remcon]
Senir's similar helpfiles code removed. [Samson]
More unused code blocks removed. [Samson]
Admins can now see the entire auction sales list. [Samson]
ITEM_CLOTHING added to replace removed ITEM_WORN tag. [Samson]
Area prototype flag moved to BV31 for consistency with other proto flags. [Samson]
Additional background colors added to random color picker. [Samson]
check_parse_name looks for inversions in the ban list as well. [Samson]
Moved string handling functions to editor.c [Samson]
Removed smush_tilde function. No longer used. [Samson]
Removed support for the ancient compilers. [Samson]
Removed unused check_forks function. [Samson]

Non-Code related changes:

Ship OLC commands added to commands.dat. [Samson]

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