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Exodus' Intro
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Post is unread #1 Oct 11, 2006 3:08 am
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JoinedOct 10, 2006

I'm sure many of you have no knowledge of who I am or more importantly, even care. Here goes anyway.

I've been mudding for the past decade or so. I first started playing old BBS games like LORD and Tradewars and eventually found MUDs. I started out by playing Cold Fusion, which I believe was SMAUG and probably doesn't exist anymore. I fell out of mudding for awhile and got back into it only to find that Cold Fusion didn't seem to be SMAUG anymore, so I looked for the most popular one I could find, namely RoD. After logging in, I typed 'who' just once and immediately quit thereafter :stare: I stumbled on Dawn of Demise and played there for a good long while, eventually became an Immortal and built my first area (which I found recently on the Area Archives, go figure) I eventually became interested in programming and taught myself to code based on how SMAUG worked, so I'll forever be a fan of the codebase.

I have an extensive background in game mechanics and design, as well as social networking and have worked on a number of MUDs coding and building and designing various things. Eventually it came to the point where I just wanted to play and found that there was a plethora of MUDs to choose from and nothing that interested me. I then took it upon myself to build a MUD of my own, which sadly, I have been working on for the past four years in what little time I could spare.

After lurking around for so long, I've learned a lot of things and have great deal of respect for people like Samson and Remcon (let's not forget Cronel :cry: ), All of which have contributed so much to the community and in my opinion, keep MUDs alive. Samson especially has taught me (whether he knows it or not) that just because it's text, doesn't mean it's not high-tech.

I'm currently a hotel manager in Alaska of all places, but I'm an ITS major and hopefully will be finishing up a Bachelors of Technology before I'm 25. After that, who knows. I'm quite knowlegable in a broad range of subjects and am always willing to help out. It's my hope, however pathetic it might sound, that after I open my MUD this December I might manage to get some stuff released and establish myself in the MUD community. Who knows, I might even earn the respect of those I admire.

Exodus Ahriman
The Dark Realms Multiverse
Post is unread #2 Oct 11, 2006 10:07 am
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JoinedMay 8, 2005

Well, I certainly can't speak for "many of you", but I happen to know who you are from IMC, and am interested in all the intros that folks would like to toss up here, including yours. :wink:

Actually, your intro sounds pretty promising to me, as I am a very firm believer in doing what you can to return to the community as repayment for the help and teaching and great snippets and areas that have been made available to you, and it sounds like that's your sentiment too. :grinning:

As Samson pointed out, it's amazing how many of us have our backgrounds in BBSes before we discovered muds, and I'll take that a step further and point out that it's equally amazing how many of us have RoD firmly in our backgrounds as well, usually as a place that helped us decide to make our own muds, for whatever reason each of us gleaned from their own experiences there. Personally, I found myself enthralled by RoD back when I first started playing there and was inspired to "see if I can do it too" with my own touches of course... though I'll certainly admit that if I'd gotten my introduction to muds there recently rather than a decade or so ago, I might not have ever gotten into muds at all, or might well be working with a different codebase right now, there's just way too big a crowd there these days and it feels way too impersonal to try to play there for my tastes, so I can easily understand what you mean about typing who and logging off. :lol:

When I posted my intro, I only cited Samson and Remcon because I didn't feel that I wanted to even try to cite all the various names that have been helpful to me.. on my mud I've got a "help snippets" entry to give credit to those who've made snippets that I've used.. due to space limitations in help entries, I also have a "help snippets2", and that really doesn't take into account the other folks who've helped me figure out what I was doing with my code and building, etc that hadn't written snippets I used, nor the folk who've been here to answer questions on legal issues or just to help me get through some of the frustrating periods.. in short, Cronel hasn't been forgotten, but he's part of a HUGE list of folks and there's just too many that deserve mention to mention them all. :smile:

I've always heard really neat things about Alaska, one of these years I'm really going to have to visit there... *sigh*

Good luck with that degree, and the scheduled grand opening in December. I, for one, will look forward to seeing what you release for us. :smile:

Oh, and don't discount yourself, you've probably already earned at least some respect from those same folk just by your contributions to the IMC chatter and your intention to give back to the community. :alien:
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