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crafting items
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Post is unread #1 Jul 25, 2003 10:50 am   Last edited Nov 25, 2007 9:20 pm by Samson
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JoinedMay 15, 2003

I was mulling around the idea that I mentioned in the weather affecting players thread about modifying the rune code to create a crafting snippet and I just found the Item Connection Code snippet for AFKmud in the code/snippets area of smaugmuds.org (thanks to Zarius for this handy little snippet!). I guess that this answers my thoughts about the system for crafting items from piece parts.
I know that this isn't exactly "crafting" new items but it's creative enough that I think players can attempt to make new items from existing objects in the game. This will be a fun concept to play with.
Post is unread #2 Jul 25, 2003 1:20 pm
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The Null Value
GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedFeb 23, 2003

I've thought of some good crafting systems, but all of them require a ton of OLC.

To me it's worthless to not make it involved. A blacksmith doesn't simply take a blade and a hilt and make a sword - that's just ONE of the steps. On the other hand, you don't want to make it so drawn-out that the few players in your MUD end up ignoring it completely *g*

Also there's the note about OLC. You've got to tell the game somehow what things are and how they should work with your system.

I was pondering something that allowed multiple levels of involvement. Players could save money in the long run by learning harvesting skills to harvest resources (ore, wood, ect). The thing is... just because you harvest ore doesn't mean it only works with Blacksmithing. You do need some blacksmithing to make it into something useable though. See where the complexities come in? ;)

So then I need to make the flags and bits and all that lets the game identify how something can and can't be used - and - what the result is when it IS used. Ore + Mold in a blacksmithing forge would = whatever the mold was for. Alright, but any idea how MANY things this could be? ;)

This is definately something I'd like in my own mud - it'd work well with a player-run shop system I have in mind. Not to rip from another game though, but Anarchy Online also grants experience for successful tradeskill uses. This brings into light the idea of a more advanced class - err.. profession rather - system. Rather than standard Warriors and Wizards, we'd also have professions for tradeskills ;)

Ah well. A lot to think about. Should my game ever take off... maybe I'll do it ;)

-- X
Post is unread #3 Jul 28, 2003 10:41 am
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JoinedMay 15, 2003

You have me thinking now (a very dangerous thing indeed)

I like trying to take somewhat complicated concepts and implementing them in as simple a way as possible. Unfortunately, I see no easy way to get the complexity that you wish to have in a system of crafting skills. To limit the items that a person can craft puts a limit on the player's creativity and that can frustrate players who try to use the system then find out they are limited by the items that are configured into the game.

Certainly, a limited system would be much easier to implement much like using a magic system that uses components that are needed to cast certain spells (like having a feather for a flight spell) that are consumed in the casting. Your example of ore and a mold is comparable. The ore would be consumed in the casting process (casting a mold not a spell ) but the result would be the widget itself. In the next step the widget would be destroyed but the result would be the armor, weapon, new widget, etc.

This type of system is already in the AFK base code. (You need flint in your inventory to use the Ranger skill Fletch which destroys the flint but creates an arrow). It is simply a matter of creating new skills and objects to work upon.

It sounds as if you wish for the players to have more of a say in what they can create. I do believe that you are right in assuming that it would be an OLC nightmare to code.
If a player would decide that they would like to create a rapier when no such weapon already exists within the game you run into problems such as what is it worth, base damage, new skill in using this special type of sword (definitely NOT like using your typical short, long, broad swords). You almost need to give the player with the skills access to the OLC system in a limited sense because it would also be frustrating for the player and you if they have to ask you every time they decide to create something that needs to be added via OLC.

Many questions with complex answers. I do not think that it would be impossible to code within the AFK/Smaug framework but it would be very complicated if you wished to give the players any freedom as to what they could create.

I'm still thinking on it though...
Post is unread #4 Jul 28, 2003 9:12 pm
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GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedJan 1, 2002

I once associated with a rather gifted, if not mentally disturbed coder who had taken it upon himself to create his own codebase.

Anyway, he had rather unique views on what people should and should not be allowed to do and allowed people to do pretty much whatever they wanted to do. He created, for testing purposes, several test muds just to perfect 1 piece of code or another. For instance, he created a space mud that utilized the x, y, and z axis so that he could perfect his 3d fighting code...

Of the many things that went on in that MUD, one of them was world building. You found a planet, inhabited it, funded it, and reaped funds from it from trade and the like. One of the really nice abilities was the fact that you could create your own world out of the planet you landed on. You had a limited number of "spaces" you could use, but you could shape that planet to your own liking by going on to the surface of the planet and forging your path across the outside surface. Once you had a planet that you liked, you could then set the room descriptions for each and every "room" on that planet. You could create your own wilderness and set the room flags to wilderness so that certain things happened there, such as wild game or plant growth. You could build rooms of a certain type that took a little while to finish and be populated with shopkeepers or whatever was appropriate, such as an inn, or a food shop, or a casino. They all belonged to you as well so you could adjust or completely redo the room descriptions as you saw fit.

Another thing that was implemented on that particular mud was the building of items... you had to dig for ore or trade for it and then you could craft items of certain types, only if you had a proficiency in that, which was something you decided upon character creation... which forced you to deal with other players. You could be the best blacksmith in the world but have no leatherworking skills, etc.

I think my entire point (I've lost it, it's what happens when you get old and are doing too many things at one time) is that there is a lot of freedom that could be given to players to do many things if someone would take the time to sit down and write the code. I know personally I loved the ability to change the room descriptions, and the ability to control my environment that belonged to me on there. So it would be worthwhile to come up with a plan and some code for stuff like this, even if it starts in small steps.

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