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SmaugFUSS 1.9.3
Author: Various
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AFKMud 2.2.2
Author: AFKMud Team
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LoP 1.37 Released
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Post is unread #1 Sep 13, 2009 4:07 pm
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JoinedJul 26, 2005

As I said in the release of it I think I'll leave it alone for awhile.

Of course I'll try to address any bug that is found etc... so feel free to test it out etc...

If you would like to work on some of the things I haven't done yet and probably won't do for awhile they are in the doc directory in ideas.txt.
Personally I would like to see someone else start doing some things for the base, snippets etc...

Here is the current feature list
Features: (Included but not limited to)
Features for All:
- 100 levels total.
- Permission All (Lowest Permission all the rest are Immortals).
- Affected - Shows just a quick overview unless you type "AFFECTED BY".
- AQuest Code - Can be sent to find an object somewhere in the game.
                - Could be an object in a room, another object, on a mobile.
              - Can be sent to kill a mobile.
              - Can use the glory to buy things or get rewards.
                - The REWARD command takes care of getting rewards.
                - The USEGLORY command takes care of using glory.
                  - Used to add or change things on an object.
- Auction - Uses an auction board.
          - Allows more then one object at a time to be auctioned.
- Bank - Can have more then one account.
       - Can be shared between characters.
       - Can hold up to 2 Quintillion gold.
       - Can create, delete, deposit, transfer, check balance, withdraw.
       - Accounts auto deleted if empty.
       - Gains interest.
       - Saves last 20 transactions.
- Boards - Redone to be global.
         - Boards: General, Immortals, Clans, Nations, Ideas, Councils,
           - Contact, Announcements, Auction.
         - Can do polls. (Allows for voting).
         - Handles the auctioning.
- Calander - Shows a nice calander for the mud month.
- Channels - classtalk, racetalk, music, quest, immtalk, chat, wartalk,
           - traffic, yell, comm, log, build, warn, monitor, auth, imclog
           - imcbug, auction, bug, highscore, trivia, fchat
           - Most channels have a history.
             - say, tell, fchat, whisper, yell save in pfiles.
- Clans - Can be inducted into a clan.
        - Can be outcasted from a clan.
        - Can quit a clan.
        - Can be a member of a clan, council and nation at the same time.
        - Can choose to not allow anyone to induct you with "CONFIG NOINDUCT".
- Classes - Can use classpercent to change how experience is distributed.
          - Comes with 7 classes: Cleric, Druid, Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Warrior, Augurer
- Compass - Shows the directions in a compass type deal when you look.
          - Can be turned on and off by "CONFIG COMPASS".
- Connect - Can connect items together to form new items.
- Councils - Can be coinducted into a council.
           - Can be cooutcasted from a council.
           - Can quit a council.
           - Can be a member of a clan, council and nation at the same time.
           - Can choose to not allow anyone to induct you with "CONFIG NOINDUCT".
- Deities - Can devote to a deity.
- Delete - Can delete your character anytime you want.
- Explorer Code - The first time someone enters an explorer room they gain exp.
- Fishing Code - Allows you to catch fish.
- Friends - Can keep a list of the friends you have met.
          - Can see Friend info messages if you and the friend both have on "CONFIG FINFO".
- GEmote - Used to send global emotes.
- Gold - You can hold up to 2 Quintillion gold on hand.
- HighScore Code - Included tables: Gold, SudokuWins, MKills, MDeaths,
                   - PKills, PDeaths, QCompleted
- Hint Code - Sends hints to people once in awhile.
            - Can be turned on and off by "CONFIG HINTS".
- Homepage, MSN, EMail, Yahoo - Can be set to let others know how to reach you.
                                - If you have "CONFIG PRIVATE" on it's only shown to immortals.
                              - Displayed in "WHOIS" command.
- Locker Code - Allows you to store your items.
                - Up to 999 pounds can be stored in your locker.
- Marriage Code - I'm sure more could and should be done with this one.
- MCCP - Mud Client Compression Protocol
         - Compressess the data transfered from the mud to the server and the server to the mud.
- MSSP - Mud Server Status Protocol
         - Will send some server status information in plain text to what requested the MSSP data.
- Nations - Just a race based clan.
          - Can be a member of a clan, council and nation at the same time.
          - Can be ninducted into a nation.
          - Can be noutcasted from a nation.
          - Can quit a nation.
          - Can choose to not allow anyone to induct you with "CONFIG NOINDUCT".
- News Code - Can easily see any new news.
- No Assist Code - Can turn it on and off with "CONFIG NOASSIST".
                 - Keeps others from assisting you in battle if not in your group.
- Personals - Can have up to 5 personal spells/skills.
            - Player Created.
- Pets - Can party with your pets.
         - Pets can gain levels.
- Pfile Pruner - This auto cleans up the pfiles every day.
               - Doesn't delete immortals.
               - Deletes based on level.
                 - If your level 5 and don't log on for over 5 days your deleted.
                 - If your level 50 and don't log on for over 50 days your deleted.
               - Doesn't do any backups before pruning.
                 - (Do your own or add in for it to do backups).
- Races - Comes with 13 races: Drow, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Ogre, Half-Orc,
          - Half-Troll, Halfling, Human, Lizardman, Pixie, Sea-Elf, Dwarf,
          - Gith, Gnome
- Ranged Attacks - Arrows anywhere in your inventory can be fired.
                   - Don't have to draw them to fire them.
                 - Arrows can get lodged in lots of locations.
                   - Arrows may even pierce equipment in the location.
                     - Equipment can't be removed.
                   - Can DISLODGE arrows.
                     - Pierced equipment can then be removed.
                 - Can throw weapons.
- Resistants - Are % based.
               - Under 0 is means your susceptible.
               - Between 1 and 99 means your resistant.
               - 100 means your immune.
               - Above 100 means you will absorb some damage.
- Retrieve Code - Will have a mobile bring you your corpse(s).
- Skin Code - Allows you to skin a player corpse.
- Solo - Keeps others from following you.
- Stats - Strength
          - Doing pushups can raise your strength.
          - Using weapons that require all your strength can also raise your strength.
        - Wisdom
          - Fighting enemies that are wiser then you are can raise your wisdom.
        - Intelligence
          - Fighting ememies that are more intelligent then you are can raise your intelligence.
        - Dexterity
          - Moving around can raise your dexterity.
        - Charisma
          - Increased if you level and your level is higher then your charisma.
          - Decreased if you aren't wearing something on your body or your legs.
          - Decreased if you are wearing equipment that is bloody or stained with blood.
        - Luck
          - Randomly increased.
- Sparing - Can be turned on and off with "CONFIG SPARING".
          - Allows you to fight with someone without killing them.
- Sudoku Code - Gives you a 9x9 sudoku puzzle to do.
- Suicide - Can commit suicide instead of waiting to die.
          - Can use "CONFIG SUICIDE" to auto suicide once you hit 0 hp.
- Trivia Code - Allows you to answer questions for glory.
- Wash - Blood can get on your items and needs washed off.
         - If left on to long it becomes stained and you will have to use cleaner to remove.
- Wear Locations - Alot more wear locations have been added.

Immortal Features:
- Permissions: Imm, Builder, Leader, Head, Imp (Permission "All" is for players).
- Area Files - World readable.
             - Isn't compitable with SMAUGFUSS areas.
               - There is a converter that can be downloaded and used to convert
                 - SMAUGFUSS areas over to LOP.
- AQuest Code - The REWARD command takes care of getting rewards.
                - Dynamic and objects that are created and setup to be rewards.
- Auction - Allows up to "CSET MAXAUCTION" auctions for each player at a time.
- Authorize Code - Can be turned on or off by "CSET WAITFORAUTH".
                 - Not set up to use mpapply and mpapplyb (Used by programs for the auth).
                   - There are comments in the code on what to change if...
                     - you choose to use mpapply and mpapplyb.
- Boards - Can be created and modified online.
- Calander - Comes with 7 days, 17 months, 527 Days a year and 0 holidays
           - Using "TIMESET" command it can be all modified online.
             - Can easily add, change or remove days, months, holidays.
             - Can control how many days are in the specified month.
             - Calander will auto update to make sure it stays right.
- Channels - Can easily create and modify channels online.
- Clans - Can create and delete clans online.
- Classes - MultiClass ready "CSET MULTICLASS".
          - Can even disable picking classes on creation "CSET SKIPCLASSES".
- Claim Code - (This command and others are currently set to permission Imm).
               - Would have to use cedit to set to permission all for everyone to use.
             - Allows objects to be claimed.
             - Can call these objects back to you.
             - Have to use gift to give away an item that has been claimed.
             - Can use locate to find out where they are at.
- Connect - Can connect items together to form new items.
- Councils - Can create and delete councils online.
- Deities - Can create and delete deities online.
          - The deity object is what ever object it is set to be suplicated.
- Experience Multiplier - Can be changed using "CSET EXPMULTI <#>".
                        - Easily give extra experience etc...
- Explorer Code - Rooms can be flagged as EXPLORER.
- Fishing Code - Can create and delete fish online.
- Helps - Saved in the system directory instead of the area directory.
        - Helps for spells/skills are saved with the spells/skills.
        - Helps for commands are saved with the commands.
- Hint Code - Sends hints to people once in awhile.
            - Can create/delete online.
            - Can control when people see different hints.
              - Based on level, race, class, area.
- Host Log - Keeps a history of all characters and the ip addresses.
             - Can use hsearch to see what all characters a host accesses.
             - Only keeps the last 10 per character for each ip address.
- Hotboot Code - Doesn't save everything like some hotboots.
               - Just keeps the descriptors and more or less resets everything else.
- MultiPlay Limits - Can limit amount of peacefuls "CSET MLPEACEFUL".
                   - Can limit amount of deadlies "CSET MLDEADLY".
                   - Can limit amount of connections "CSET MLTOTAL".
- MWReset - Mud Wide Reset Code
- Nations - Can create and delete nations online.
- News Code - Can easily add and modify news online.
- Pets - Can party with your pets.
         - Pets can gain levels.
- Races - Can easily set a race to use blood or mana.
          - Using "SETRACE <race> USES BLOOD/MANA".
- Room Description Parsing - Can have a room description change depending on the one looking at it.
                             - Checks: NAME, HP, STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, WISDOM, INTELLIGENCE, LUCK,
                               - CONSTITUTION, CHARISMA, GOLD, MANA, MOVE, LEVEL, MHOUR, MWDAY,
                               - ABSORB
- Skin Code - Allows you to skin a corpse. (Note that immortals can skin any corpse.)
- Spells, Skills, Weapons, Tongues - Comes with 231 total.
                                   - MAX_SKILL is set at 500.
                                     - Can go as high as 1000 on MAX_SKILL.
                                       - Can go higher but would require additional changes.
                                   - Should be fairly easy to add new ones.
                                     - Should always remember that after adding a new one online,
                                       - you should do a copyover/reboot for it to fully get added.
                                   - Can be given to races and/or classes at the same time.
                                   - Can be restricted by the sectors they are in.
                                   - Can be restricted by their stats.
- Transfer Information - transcheck allows you to see some information on data transfers.
- Trivia Code - Can add and modify it all online.

Hope to see some others taking off and seeing where all they can take it :)
Post is unread #2 Sep 21, 2009 8:22 pm   Last edited Sep 21, 2009 8:23 pm by Sanus Compleo
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Sanus Compleo
JoinedMar 25, 2008

What? Another one? I haven't even finished the changes on 1.36!

EDIT: No longer complaining... infact... THANK YOU.
Post is unread #3 Sep 21, 2009 9:23 pm
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JoinedJul 26, 2005

Lol, is that a good thank you or a bad one lol never know :).

There will probably be another release of it one day far down the road, I'd like to see what all gets found reported etc... maybe see what others do with the code etc...
Post is unread #4 Sep 21, 2009 10:16 pm   Last edited Sep 21, 2009 10:18 pm by Sanus Compleo
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Sanus Compleo
JoinedMar 25, 2008

Was a good thank you, I was quite happy with what I saw in the changes.lst :D... Even though I have to go and copy/paste all the changes.

Couple of things on my to-do list are setting up proper saves, and making a weather system (Possibly with weather affects)
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