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Using Redit
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Post is unread #1 May 2, 2011 8:21 am
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JoinedMay 2, 2011

Redit is the most important tool of your mud, you use redit to make rooms, and without rooms, you have nothing, so you must be VERY comfortable with redit, and know every single command and feature of it. Here will be a list of the commands redit uses.

redit name <room name> -- sets the room name / short description
redit exit <direction> [vnum] [exit-type] [key] [keywords] -- Makes a one-way exit in that direction to that vnum
redit bexit <dir> <vnum> -- same as above, but does the exit in both directions
*redit desc -- you will be placed into the buffer editor to edit the room description
redit exdesc <direction> [text] -- sets/clears an exit's description
redit ed <keyword(s)> -- adds/edits an extra description to the room
redit rmed <keyword(s)> -- removes an extra description from the room
redit sector <value> -- sets the sector type
redit flags <flag> [flag] -- toggles room flags
redit exflags <direction> [flags] -- displays/toggles exit flags
redit exname <direction> [keywords] -- sets an exit's keywords
redit exkey <direction> <key vnum> -- sets an exit's key vnum/value

* A note on writing descriptions. This is the most integral part of your area. Without a good description, your area could be dull, boring, and nobody will want to go there. A good room description is 4 to 6 lines, with writing explaining many or all of your senses. E.G

"You walk through the market square, a delicious aroma of donuts fills the air as you turn your head to see the bakery."

This is a good sentence, because it explains something you are feeling, your senses. Taking a deeper look into room descriptions, one faux pas many builders forget about is, Don't make areas as if you are going one way, it confuses players as well as making the area less interesting, and making the player realize all it is is scrolling text, not a virtual world, which is what you want to portray. Please remember these tips when building descriptions.

These are just a few notes on exitmaking

direction: one of: n, s, e, w, u, d, ne, nw, se, sw or ?
vnum : the room number in which the exit leads to.
exit-type: a number detailing the exit -- has a door, open/closed/locked etc.
key : a number corresponding to the vNum of a key object which can unlock the door.
keywords : keywords used to refer to the door, (or exit).

redit exit n 3001 		Creates an exit north to room 3001
redit exit n 3001 3 gate 	Changes the exit north to have a closed "gate"
redit exit n 3001 3 15 gate 	Changes the gate to allow use of a key vnum 15
redit exit n 			Removes the north exit

One of the intiresting new features that are available is to actualy change the direction of a room you are in without having to delete it and start over (though that is the easier way). To do so you will have to refer to it by the room's number, like so.
redit exit #2 3002 - Change the second exit to go to room 3002

The auto flag makes it possible to go in a direction by simply typing the keyword for that exit. This is great for Turbolifts and such:
redit exit ? 3001 		Create a 'somewhere' exit to 3001
redit exflags ? auto hidden 	Set the proper flags
redit exname ? swim 		Set the keyword "swim"

If a player types 'swim' in the room, they will move to room 3001.
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