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Mob Creation / Editing
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JoinedMay 2, 2011

Mob Building is an integral part of your mud. Without them, there would be nothing to kill, and we all know we need to kill things every once in a while. Here is information regarding creating mobs, and tinkering with them until they meet your needs exactly.

To create a mob to start editing, you will type:
Mcreate <mob vnum> [copy vnum] <Mob Name>

This should look like "Mcreate 73926 A Big Guard". This will create a Mob for you to edit using the mset command, which leads us onto our next topic...

Making the Mobs to Your Liking

These are commands that you will use to set your mob to what you like, things such as name, level, sex, alignment, anything mob oriented, except programs, you will edit using mset. An example of the mset command should be used like this:
mset <mob name> <command> <variable>
A real example is like this.
mset Puff short Puff the Magic Dragon.

To get a better idea, experiment with the command on your mud, it will help you a lot, believe me. Here is a listing of the mset commands you will use and what they do:

The Current mset commands available are:
mset <mob> <stat> <number> 		This sets their stat, such as str, con or wis, to a set number.
mset <mob> sex	<0-2> 	  		This sets the mobs sex, 1=male 2=female 0=it
mset <mob> hp <number> 	  		This will set the mobs Hit Points.
mset <mob> force <number> 		This will set the mobs Force Points.
mset <mob> move <number> 		This will set the mobs Move Points.
mset <mob> Align <number> 		This sets the mobs Alignment, between -1000 and 1000.
mset <mob> race <race> 	  		This will set the mobs Race.
mset <mob> hitroll <number> 		This will set the mobs Hitroll.
mset <mob> damroll <number> 		This will set the mobs Damroll
mset <mob> armor <number>   		This sets the mobs Armor Class
mset <mob> affected <affect flag> 	This sets an affect on the mob, such as shield, sanctuary etc.
mset <mob> level <level> 		This sets the mobs level
mset <mob> thirst <-100 - 100>  	This will set the mobs thirst, 100 being the best.
mset <mob> drunk <-100 - 100> 		This will set the mobs drunkeness, 100 being the most drunk.
mset <mob> full <-100 - 100> 		This will set the mobs hunger, 100 being the least hungry.
*mset <mob> flags <flag>[flag] 		This sets flags for the mob, such as prototype, described later.
mset <mob> pos <position> 		This will set the mobs current position.
mset <mob> defpos <default pos> 	This will set the mobs position when it resets in an area.
mset <mob> part <part of mob> 		This sets the body parts that fall off of a mob when they die, uncommon.
mset <mob> sav(1-4) <savingthrow> 	This sets the mobs saving throws, best described in help savingthrows.
mset <mob> resistant <type> 		This sets what the mob is resistant to, i.e. magic, sleep, charm, etc.
mset <mob> immune <type> 		This sets what the mob is immune to, i.e. magic, sleep, charm, etc.
mset <mob> susceptible <type> 		This sets what the mob is susceptible to, i.e. magic, sleep, charm, etc.
mset <mob> attack <skill> 		This will set the mobs offensive skills, set with no arg to see a list.
mset <mob> defense <defenseskill>  	This will set the mobs defensive skills, set with no arg to see a list.
mset <mob> numattacks <numofattacks> 	This will set the number of attacks a mob has per round.
mset <mob> speaking <speaking> 		This will set what language the mob is speaking
mset <mob> speaks <able to speak> 	This will set what the mob can understand and speak.
mset <mob> name <name of mob> 		This will sets the keywords of the mob, i.e. A hairy giant = hairy giant
mset <mob> short <short desc> 		This sets the short description of a mob, i.e. A dragon is in perfect health.
mset <mob> long <long desc> 		This sets the long desc of mob, i.e. A large dragon stands here, going moo.
mset <mob> spec[2] <spec flags> 	This sets spec flags on the mob, help spec for a list.
mset <mob> vip <planet> 	   	This sets what planets the mobs will make you wanted on when you kill it.
**mset <mob> hitnumdie <hit die> 	This sets the number of dice to use to determine # of hp.
**mset <mob> hitsizedie <hit size die> 	This sets the size of the die to use, i.e. 10 sided dice.
**mset <mob> hitplus <hit plus> 	This sets a plus of the math to add up hp, i.e. 1d1+100
**mset <mob> damnumdie <dam die> 	This sets the number of dice used to determine damage roll.
**mset <mob> damsizedie <dam size die> 	This sets the size of the die, i.e. 10 sided dice.
**mset <mob> damplus <dam plus> 	This sets the plus of the math to add up damroll, i.e. 1d1+100

Mob Race List
Human, Wookiee, Twi'lek, Rodian, Hutt, Mon Calamari, Noghri, Gamorrean, Jawa, Adarian, Ewok, Verpine, Defel, Trandoshan, Hapan, Quarren, Shistavanen, Falleen, Ithorian, Devaronian, Gotal, Droid, Firrerreo, Barabel, Bothan, Togorian, Dug, Kubaz, Selonian, Gran, Yevetha, Gand, Duros, Coynite, Sullustan, Protocol Droid, Assassin Droid, Gladiator Droid, Astromech Droid, Interrogation Droid, Sarlacc, Saurin, Snivvian, Gand, Gungan, Weequay, Bith, Ortolan, Snit, Cerean, Ugnaught, Taun Taun, Bantha, Tusken, Gherkin, Zabrak, Dewback, Rancor, Ronto, Monster

* NOTE: The flags command is very important, specifically the prototype flag. This flag defines whether the object is "index" or "original". If you edit an index or prototype mob, it will affect all the other mobs in the game. If the mob you edit does not have the prototype flag on it, then when you edit it it will be the only one affected. NOTE: Try to avoid using the AGGRESSIVE tag. It does it's job, but there is no warning. Instead, try to use an MProg that does the same thing, only with more RP

** NOTE: These commands are kind of hard to grasp for a newbie builder, I reccommend you just use hitroll and damroll to determine these outcomes respectively.
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