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IMC2 Registrations (2 Votes)
Yes.  0% - 0 votes

Yes - but only if the offer applies to registration with *ANY* network.  0% - 0 votes

Yes. I see nothing wrong with this at all.  50% - 1 vote

No. It would make the business look cheap.  50% - 1 vote

No. This is completely unethical.  0% - 0 votes

IMC2 Registrations
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Post is unread #1 Mar 5, 2004 4:54 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Recently a rival of ours instituted a promotion to offer discounted prices for accounts who register with his IMC2 network. I was discussing the possibility of doing the same thing, only to offer free ultralight accounts to anyone who registered with our IMC2 network. In the course of the discussion, it was mentioned that doing so would be unethical, or perhaps just bad for business. So I'd like to know what others think. Would this be kosher? Is what our rival doing kosher? Sound off!
Post is unread #2 Mar 8, 2004 12:23 pm
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JoinedMay 15, 2003

I just couldn't vote without an explanation for my vote.
I have seen several instances in business when the vendor offered some discount if other services were used. Before long, the only customers were the ones using the "bait" service and the true value price of the original service was never realized. In this light I truly believe that this kind of trade-off cheapens a business.
This doesn't have to be web hosting. It pertains to any business that is service oriented. Unless the incentive carries some sort of value to the business offering it (kickback, increase in customer traffic, higher revenue, etc.) then these offers must be carefully considered. Incentives may get more customers but they won't get you *loyal* customers.
My $.02.
Post is unread #3 Mar 8, 2004 4:16 pm
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JoinedMar 5, 2005

I would like to point out that while this can sound like a good idea ( businesses have sales all the time, and offer certain things), I can see lots of problems. Not only am I opposed to free accounts in the first place, but why should those free account be restricted to people using IMC2 code? Either way, this seems like a ploy by the other company, and they may not be fully forthcoming, but I can't be certain. I know that my host had a sort of battle with another host(both fairly large) and ended up banning all connections from one to the other, destroying muds listings on the seperate servers.

I don't know the whole story, of course, but you seem to be doing good without something like this. Then again, who couldn't use more exposure, right? I duno, just ignore me.
Post is unread #4 Mar 8, 2004 7:43 pm
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The Null Value
GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedFeb 23, 2003

I offer free accounts because not everyone trying to learn how to run a MUD is a rich bastard able to pay $20/mo just to experiment.

Sams knows I disagree with offering a kick-back for being an IMC2 user

But don't be against free accounts. I see it as me doing my part in this community. They're dev-only accounts... that's all

Post is unread #5 Mar 19, 2004 5:55 pm
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GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Awwwwww.... Xorith's such a sweetie *sniffles and wipes a tear from his eye*

*then ducks and hides behind Samson's Armada*
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