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A SMAUG Collaboration
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Post is unread #1 Jul 23, 2022 8:21 am   
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JoinedMay 30, 2021

So, let's face it: lovers of SMAUG and its derivatives are a decreasing lot. The loyalists that remain are in it for one reason or another: they know and love the code, the OLC building, the in-game structure, or just the memories. Over the years the availability of SMAUG thanks to Thoric & Co. allowed a number of derivatives to take off, including our beloved FUSS, AFKMUD, etc. Most of us went in our own directions and built our own MUDs, but in these days of distractions as we age or as other games take over with broader appeal, our individual MUDs aren't quite living up to the promise of times past.

I propose that we unify our interests into one MUD, and join together as a SMAUG Roundtable.

We can socialize, build, amuse each other with the code, role-play, and add the energy of a knowledegable and impassioned lot to our old hobby.

If anyone should agree, I propose that the basis of our constitution should be outlined henceforth as follows:

1.) Area files belong to their creator and to the collective MUD. A builder should receive a copy of their .are file upon request. The MUD also owns a copy. The builder of the area has exclusive rights to the area file and other members of the Roundtable do not have the right to take area files to their own MUDs unless they themselves built the area in its entirety. Roundtable members may not modify other players' areas without permission of the author. The Roundtable's MUD also can possess and deploy that area file on the MUD itself. Former members of the Roundtable will still be given copies of their area files upon request, no matter the reason for their departure or removal from the Roundtable.

2.) If topics of discussion become particularly divisive, seperate channels can be created in-MUD to allow players to effectively mute that topic. In a particularly divisive age of the internet, relegating topics like politics to appropriate channels that can be turned off will allow people of differing backgrounds and perspectives to get along. We have all seen drama play out in our MUDing histories, and the the goal here -- to create and maintain an active, creative, fulfilling experience -- should be paramount.

3.) The Roundtable will vote on major changes, rules, etc.

4.) The Roundtable will agree to treat its fellow members with respect and general amicability, and subscribe to customs or greetings designed to generate and maintain a sense of comradery.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested? Would anyone be willing to host and allow access to other coders? My primary skill is OLC building, mob progs, and lore--I have decades of experience, from fingering through pages of a printed out copy of Herne's building guide in a binder back in the late 90's to working on multiple SMAUG MUDs including my own. I would personally love to head up building and be an Editor-in-Chief so to speak with regard to making sure areas are balanced and meet a certain standard of quality before being linked to player-accessible areas. Of course, such things should be put to a vote by a proposed Roundtable, and perhaps term limits should be established.

This is just me spit-balling a skeleton of an idea--the bringing together of talents revolving around a singular passion to preserve, glorify, and maintain that passion, and perhaps, with any luck, EXPAND that which so many of us loved for so many years.

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JoinedFeb 21, 2021

I think something like this probably needs to happen sooner or later. I do miss the ability to log on a mud and just get immersed. But I also love creating things within the game itself. It's very hard to do both on the same mud, Playing a mortal and working on an Immortal on the same mud kinda ruins the immersion. But that does not mean I wouldn't take part in something.

I hope this game never dies, I too have been practicing and creating in the background. Mostly trying to learn how to implement multi-class into a system. If I figure out multiclass, I will try to make 3 new classes that I have in mind. I'm also building multiple areas which I am linking together to create my small "World" that I hope to one day show.. :) It will be close to 1000 rooms in all with 2 to 3 cities depending on how far I get. I am about 400 rooms into it so far.

The hard part is making spells that are balanced, and not containing bugs. I only know the fundamentals of C Programming so far after taking a few classes. I hope more people collaborate and create things, one day this type of game will be lost but it will never be forgotten!

So really that's what I am working towards. I want to make sure there are plenty of races to choose from, add 3 unique classes and create about 9 areas to tell my story. My areas have a starting area so it will go from level 1 and hopefully to 50.

I'll be around checking in from time to time. If I ever finish my areas maybe I'll get back with ya on this idea!


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