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Sanus Compleo
JoinedMar 25, 2008

Also seen here: here.

pulse noun:
A. A regularly recurrent wave of distension in arteries that results from the progress through an artery of blood injected into the arterial system at each contraction of the ventricles of the heart.
B. The palpable beat resulting from such pulse as detected in a superficial artery.
Also: The number of such beats in a specified period of time (as one minute).

The name Pulse came to me after a good deal of musing, during a long period of time late one night. At the time, I didn't know quite what it meant to me -- although through exploration I find it a name more and more suitable to the project that it has become associated with. Reflection on the word and the meaning itself, seems somewhat metaphorical to the story that has become entwined with the idea, having a Pulse is to still be alive. It is; after some thought, one of the most human aspects we encounter in day to day life. The world of which I will be opening up to you, to explore tonight, revolves around this concept -- the concept of humanity.

Pulse is at once, a city and an entire world setting. It would be an acceptable place for a campaign adventure, and a mud setting, i believe. The city itself was built on the planet Earth, hidden away in a remote section of South America, away from civilization and the public eye. Construction began in the very late 19th century, and ended some time in the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the world's brightest and best minds of the era had been called upon to design pieces and parts of the city. In description, it is a megastructure; an entire city built upon a foundation of galvanized steel and concrete. It boasts a good number of support beams rising it some number of hundreds of feet from the sea level, where a flat six and two thirds mile long (And wide) platform is held up in the air.

Atop the first surface, is similarily the first city of Pulse, known as "Level One". Stacked on top of it, much like a high-rise structure, are six additional layers, totaling seven layers. Each layer contains an entire city, transport between the cities and in the cities consists of an elevator system, with manual service entrances, and a shuttling system, to get citizens to and from place to place on the individual layers. It's seven layers were designed to house almost fifteen million citizens (15,000,000). Every need was to be seen to, without the need to import food or goods. The concept of self sufficiency was a key point, and indeed necessary in the construction of Pulse. Vertical farms, designed by some of the most brilliant urban planners of the time, utilize fresh water brought from elsewhere in the city, and artificial lighting in order to grow a good amount of crops, and on some level raise herds of cattle. Mining drills of exceptional size dig down into the Earth to gather valuable materials and minerals, while large platforms on the edge support fishing.

The purpose behind Pulse is clear upon cursory research into the history of the world itself at the time. During the 1930's, a cataclysmic event altered the face of the planet, and indeed it's future entirely. The event itself, and what started it goes into even further into the story, although is presently to be kept secretive. The end result however, would be apparent to anyone who stepped into this new Earth. The sea level had risen some three hundred feet... Now lapping gently at the bottom of the great city, Pulse. This was the city's purpose, and it had been successful in achieving it's goal -- The salvation of the human race... or at least a very small portion of it.

It is governed by a council of currently undefined origin (And number), that works in conjunction with a church figure -- together they operate as a sort of divine rule. Other worships are strictly heretical in this society, which admittedly will drop a good demographic of people, and likely spark outrage to folks who have offended sensibilities by the way the church folk are portrayed, and how religion in general is portrayed. The have joint-appointed people who work as an 'elite police', as well as witch-hunters, who (From what I hear,) is drawn upon the Inquisition from the Warhammer 40k series. I hadn't known that at the time, and even dubbed them "Inquirers". From what I've seen however, the two groups drop similarities from that. The Inquirers are indeed holy warriors, and one of very few people on Pulse permitted to own and operate a lethal weapon; in fact, they get two. A hand-made revolver, and a longsword.

Money and economy is mostly rather imaginary, companies run for the sake of necessity, and money exists out of habit... I would imagine if a governing body not only imposed itself under complete rule, and did away with money, then things would not be so peaceful. The citizen body is mostly compliant, out of fear and gratitude.

The city is lit, and mostly run, electrically. Large tidal turbines under the base of the city power the entire thing. There is also a complex water filtration system, and a sewer system built under the city. Large "service pipes" which are approximately eight feet by eight feed in width and length dot the city going up through the layers, supplying power and water distribution centers with power and water respectively. Sewage lines even go down through these service pipes, although carefully maintained to avoid contamination and power-outages.

Hospitals, Schools and Universities, even stores are all features of the city. Services and good trading is still in effect, obviously. Citizens are housed in single story apartment plots, more or less. Perhaps larger than single story? I haven't given thought to that as of yet.

This, is where I reach my problem. As of now, I'm the only real developer on this, and mapping out the city is a difficult and arduous task; most of the difficulty lies in my own understanding of what a modern city needs -- specifically my lack of understanding. I would; if the folks of Mudbytes would be so kind, like to have some thoughts in the planning stages of this mud, not building but planning and story planning. More information can be supplied if asked for, in fact I would like to encourage that very thing! An important note: This thread is not for recruitment purposes, it is merely to discuss the concepts and ideas of the city, Pulse

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