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6Dragons mp3 sound pack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.4
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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6Dragons 4.1
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added Last Updated

Vladaar Vladaar 4.1 803 11.40 MB Aug 17, 2016 Aug 30, 2016


08/07/2016 You can now buy up to 50 items from shops instead of being limited to 20.
08/12/2016 new spell enlarge for mages. Also changed shrink skill to a spell.
08/13/2016 Fixed bug with spectral ward, spirits ward
08/13/2016 Removed useless but sentimental skill wizard eye and replaced with Insanity spell for mages.
08/13/2016 Fixed a bug where if you died with enlarge affect your height weight would get screwed up
08/13/2016 New trade skill unearth has been created.
08/14/2016 New tradeskill produce added
08/14/2016 New Trade Draconic added for Dragon Lords available at level 30.
08/14/2016 Fixed a bug with quest not updating on draconic quest
08/15/2016 Fixed a bug where dragon lords were able to use some dragon skills.
08/16/2016 Fixed enlarge/shrink bug if it in fact has to do with using crawl in combination with one or the other.
08/16/2016 Combo command will now with 2 attacks or 3 attacks
08/16/2016 Combo command changed to a skill so more players know about it's existence.
08/17/2016 Fixed bug with combo attack changes showing syntax in middle of combat
08/17/2016 New skill coalesce for spell casters. combining spell attacks into one like combo attack.
08/18/2016 Produce products updated to add some layers and a few fixes
08/18/2016 New mage spell kolaks stand added
08/18/2016 Fixed bug with spell kolak stand that allowed stacking hp affects
08/19/2016 There's a tiny chance that the game will grant a minor boost effect instead of typical restore to thank players for patronage now.
08/21/2016 Mages given detect hidden and detect invis spells
08/21/2016 Druid sylvan touch skill revamped and also druids given hide skill.
08/22/2016 Druid forest skill adjusted
08/25/2016 Added back bark skin skill for druids after noticing it was missing from their slist.
08/25/2016 Added new software clang debugger is pretty awesome at finding some errors in code.
08/26/2016 Fixed a setting issue with furniture milled, found with clang software.
08/26/2016 Fixed an error in do_cone found with clang software.
08/26/2016 Fixed error in whois code for staff found with clang
08/26/2016 Fixed a bug with blunt weapons updates and sharpen skill found with clang software
08/26/2016 fixed a bug with roll command found by clang software
08/26/2016 Removed conflicting declaration of get_race fround with clang software
08/26/2016 fixed a few conflicting const declarations found with clang software
08/26/2016 Fixed memory leak in roster and clan member
08/26/2016 fixed memory leak in quests.c and new_auth.c
08/26/2016 Fixed a bug where get_char_room didn't have rch initialized
08/26/2016 fixed a bug with mist acid where rch wasn't initialized
08/26/2016 fixed a bug in do_balistic where arg was not initialized
08/26/2016 Fixed a unitialized victim call in spec_thief
08/27/2016 config autodoor will now open the door if you are trying to flee and all the doors are closed.
08/27/2016 fixed bug with druid where they didn't auto wear gear back when going back to humanform
08/27/2016 fixed a bug where mine list showed a few steels that jewelers were never supposed to be able to use.
08/27/2016 cast continual light spell enhanced
08/27/2016 Fixed a bug where coalesce would take caster to negative mana
08/27/2016 New skill for shaman hex, see help file.
08/27/2016 mend skill revamped for shamans
08/27/2016 Shaman given 2h bludgeons and blowguns skills08/27/2016 Fixed bug with autodoor and flee
08/27/2016 Norrinton South Harbor area slightly expanded.
08/27/2016 A few areas that objects had no descriptions were given them. Gnome tower, Merchant Discovery.
08/28/2016 Abandoned Cabin area objects have descriptions added to them.
08/28/2016 Garden area has object descriptions added.
08/28/2016 Tufkular area object descriptions that were missing have been added.
08/28/2016 fixed a bug with shoulder pauldrons disappearing when you die
08/28/2016 Dragons can now do quests of any quest level since they can already hunt in areas beyond their level.
08/29/2016 fixed a bug with druid owls not being able to fly home
08/29/2016 Fixed a bug with enlarge shrink affects with using crawl, and getting dispelled by mobs.

This code compiles cleanly as gcc version 6.1.1 Ubuntu 16.04

This release is actual current release of game 6dragons.tk port 4100

Revisions: 7
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