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do_owhere recursive
Author: Khonsu
Submitted by: Khonsu
Changes list / Addchange
Author: Khonsu
Submitted by: Khonsu
6Dragons mp3 sound pack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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6Dragons 4.2
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added Last Updated

Vladaar Vladaar 4.2 842 11.58 MB Sep 5, 2016 Sep 22, 2016

THIS IS A COMPLETE MUD! All custom areas DONE. Coding done.

The game is released so over 10 years of work doesn't go to waste. Please email me if you use it, I would love to see someone else's interpretation/changes with the game. Who knows I might be a player for you. Find the sound pack for it at

It compiles cleanly with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and compiled with gcc 6.2

Latest Changes include:
08/31/2016 cure affliction now cures more ailments the higher level the caster.
08/31/2016 Druids and Angels now get Sanctuary at level 98
09/02/2016 Fixed a crash bug in send_tochannel function
09/02/2016 Sorceror class given create food spell
09/03/2016 players can now join Halcyon clan, although they are only neutral in their actions, they can still be attacked as all players are player killers in this game.
09/03/2016 You can now get some fitful sleep dozing off in your saddle, which wont be as effective as sleeping on the ground. Unless your a crusader or shadowknight, then you are used to sleeping in the saddle.
09/03/2016 fixed a out of bounds array with pc_display
09/03/2016 fixed arrays with dragonic trade and lumber trade
09/04/2016 Fixed a bug with tanned items saying only a massive dragon can wear
09/05/2016 The time it takes to get hungry/thirsty has been doubled.
09/05/2016 New sound file learn.wav added for when you improve at a skill,
you must have config enhanced on
09/05/2016 Restriction added for angels with minor restore -> they do more or
less healing the better alignment they have.
09/05/2016 New magic spell for mages -> find familiar
09/05/2016 Added a fix so if wee little dragons happen upon dragon quest
before, level 20 it will automatically remove the quest at the
end, so they can in fact do it when they hit level 20.
09/05/2016 Dream Walk revamped to same standards as breech and astral
09/07/2016 New skill for Beastmasters called spirit travel
09/08/2016 Exits now show up to the beastmaster that is in beast meld mode
09/08/2016 Beastmaster using beast meld mode will now show up with who
command usage.
09/08/2016 Beast Masters can now do hone skill while beast melded.
09/09/2016 Beastmasters can now use the affects command when in beast meld
09/09/2016 Landmark command now works for beastmaster in beast meld mode
09/09/2016 Beastmaster's in beast meld mode can now use normal talking
09/10/2016 Mobs will attack beastmaster when using beastmeld mode
09/10/2016 Beastmasters now see pet leveling info with level command
09/10/2016 Pet hunger instantly fulfilled on successful use of stalk skill
for beastmaster
09/10/2016 Pet thirst instantly fulfilled on suc cessful use of find water for
09/10/2016 Beastmasters given smell skill
09/11/2016 New skill called join for beastmasters lets their body be called
to their location.
09/11/2016 Beastmaster pets, now have to swim in water
09/11/2016 Halflings, humans and gnomes can now be Beastmaster class as well.
09/11/2016 Fixed a few bugs with beast master pets not being set to proper
hitpoints when tamed and when they level.
09/11/2016 Fixed crash bug with a NULL string
09/12/2016 Now if Beastmaster flee's the pet will flee as well.
09/13/2016 fixed a crash bug for blind players who use level in beast meld
09/14/2016 Beastmaster in beast mode can now trash objects, had to fix bug so
they could see the objects, use portalstone, and recall.
09/14/2016 Wilderness mobs will also jump beastmasters in beast meld mode.
09/14/2016 Whereis command now works for beastmasters in beast meld mode.
09/14/2016 Fixed compilation errors with i3 intermud code.
09/17/2016 Added STRFREE obj->owner to obj_clean_que
09/19/2016 Gold Dragons - issued back some of the magic they used to have and as per the help file they ae supposed to be strong in magic.
09/19/2016 New skill for Silver Dragons Steel Flex
09/20/2016 Fixed a crash bug with wimpy settings
09/22/2016 Fixed a big memory leak in void free_obj_here_list(void) thanks to Valgrind software and Remcon
09/22/2016 New code added to compiler called memwatch that alerts of memory errors.

You can try the running game at 6dragons.tk port 4100. There are a few players there yet.

Revisions: 9
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