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6Dragons mp3 sound pack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.4
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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6Dragons 4.3
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added Last Updated

Vladaar Vladaar 4.3 858 14.44 MB Oct 3, 2016 Nov 1, 2017

The game is released so over 10 years of work doesn't go to waste. Please email me if you use it, I would love to see someone else's interpretation/changes with the game. Who knows I might be a player for you. All coding DONE! All custom area creation included DONE!

If you never have played a mud with sounds you don't know what your missing!!! Find the sound pack for it at

It compiles cleanly with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and compiled with gcc 6.2

Latest Changes include:
09/23/2016 Fixed a crash bug with boost affect and players quitting game
09/25/2016 Fixed crash with beast meld using skills command, it should not
have been allowed.
09/27/2016 fixed a memory leak with CHQUEST_DATA
09/27/2016 fixed bug with ball of light
09/27/2016 Beastmeld mode now get's crash.wav sound when ambushed by mobs in
09/28/2016 Fixed a crash bug with carpentry
09/28/2016 helpfile for Carpenters and mill updated
09/30/2016 New command queststat for staff that lets us view where players
are on a quest for helping those who have quest issues.
10/01/2016 Useless title_table removed from class function
10/01/2016 New innate ability of red dragon they draw outward a searing haze
of heat when in battle.
10/02/2016 Vampires now burn less in the sun the older they get.
10/02/2016 Feed skill acquires more blood the older the vampire gets.
10/02/2016 Gorge skill acquires more blood the older the vampire gets.
10/02/2016 When flying if you use sleep or rest command you automatically
land instead of having to type land first, it is now assumed you
would if you wanted to sleep.
10/02/2016 Demons feed skill now acquires more blood the older the demon is.
10/02/2016 Angels heal more the older the angel is.
10/03/2016 Updated memwatch.c so it can be commented on and off in Makefile like i3 is.
10/05/2016 Fixed Dragonic produced crystal lights settings
10/06/2016 fixed a crash with staff fighting and using life command getting hp set to zero and crashing game.
10/06/2016 Fixed issue causing warning message from Mark conflict with track.c and memwatch.c
2/5/2017 Fixed Crusaders and Shadowknights not getting healed properly while mounted
2/5/2017 Fixed Shadowknights not having proper ward affect removed
11/1/2017 Fixed an issue I probably caused in read_from_buffer making people log in their name twice.

You can try the running game at 6dragons.tk port 4100. There are a few players there yet.

Revisions: 5
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