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Free Vnums
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Xerves Samson 1.0 374 5.87 KB Jul 30, 2011

Free vnums 1.0 By Xerves (Released November 10, 1999)
Xerves is the admin/owner of Rafermand

Well, but another snippet. Freevnums is a really handy command that should
fit nicely with checkvnums and vassign. What it does, is you type a string
like this in the mud

freevnums 200 1000

And it will list all the freevnums in a 50 vnum chunk. At Rafermand, we typically
use 50 and 100 blocks for vnums, so I thought that would be a good size. If
you want to decreate it, you can change some of the code around.

A few notes about the below code.
1. It cuts off the last digit (the ones digit) so 201 is treated like 200.
If you want to remove that, look in the code for a comment about it.
2. The code is oriented toward the 32600 vnums instead of the 2 billion
vnums. If you have 2 billion vnums, you will have to change a bit of
the code around. Please do not email me asking how to do it.
3. I am pretty sure the code isn't buggy, but always double check the code
against checkvnum
4. It only checks rooms. So if you have 3000 as the end room, and 3001 as
the end obj, you might have problems. That is why I suggest using checkvnum
to countercheck the work.

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