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AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.4
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.3
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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LOP 1.30
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Remcon Remcon 476 784.62 KB Jun 14, 2008

Modified Claw and Bite.
Fixed a lot of issues here and there.
Made it so commands and skills keep their own help data.
Added and modified some help files.
Added in an easy way to do multiclassing
(Just use 'cset multiclass <#>' to set it for how many classes players can pick on creation)
Modified alot of things for this.
Added in for pcdata to be kept in a double linked list.
Added in so clans, deities, nations, councils can be deleted on the mud.
Modified how autogold and autoloot work.
Modified gain_exp, exp worth, and made adepting spells/skills/etc... give exp.
Modified how played time is done.
Modified do_stat and do_statreport some.
Modified handle_stat.
Made it so the random number gets updated once in awhile.
Made it so pushup and situp work for everyone.
Made it so there is a chance of getting luckier.
Fixed possible issues in get_damroll and get_hitroll.
Made it so you can get blood splattered on yourself and equipment.
Made it so blood on an object at obj_update gets changed to being a blood stain.
Made it so you can wash blood off yourself and objects.
Made it so you can get stains off equipment.
Added in so you can see a count of how many commands and socials are in the mud when using 'memory' command.
Made it so that instead of "auctioning" being put as the note text it puts "auctioning\r\n".
Made it so when you look at an auctioned item it sets it as you have read that note.
Made it so when you die you aren't summoned by what killed you.
Made it so if your mounted on a pet it saves in pfiles etc...
Made it so if your mounted and the pet goes to sleep/rest you dismount.
Added in a pc_regen.
Fixed olist, mlist, rlist.
Made Corpses leave objects on the ground when they decay.
Made Sacrifice give gold for objects inside objects.
Modified darkhaven.are.
Modified fish code.
Added update_ris (used to stop being resistant and susceptible to something at once etc... (Mortals only)).
Added spell_lookup (used to stop seeing so many "That isn't a spell" when doing like 'cast trollish'.
Added for some pet info to be shown in score (Hate not knowing where my pet was).
Added so you can use the log command on a mobile (Sometimes you need to check what a mobile is doing).
Made it so race languages uses an EXT_BV instead of an int.
Added in rpcopy (works like mpcopy and opcopy, only for rooms).
Added in some documentation.

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