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6Dragons mp3 sound pack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.4
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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LOP Heroes Edition
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Vladaar Vladaar 950 1.81 MB Nov 5, 2016 Nov 14, 2016

Ok so in a moment of nerd-phoria, I cranked out a LOP codebase version of something like Marvels Avengers or DC Justice League type of game. This game compiles clean on Ubuntu LInux gcc version 6.2.0. It hopefully is still be cygwin compliant as well. I did shoe horn some code in that I really liked from 6Dragons. Best of both worlds here folks.

I chose LOP to pay my respects back to Remcon who has considerably helped me with my 6Dragons game over the years.

This is NOT a complete game, only a foundation. There is a new homeland - ie. Central City, a Gotham City and a 100,000 room wilderness.

I have 4 classes - Psionic, Speedster, Super-Soldier, and Battlesuit.
I have 5 races - Human, Android, Alien, Metahuman, Mutant
*Note: There is no multiclass in this LOP release, I removed that option as I found I had headaches with it from 6Dragons trying to balance the game power.

All classes have custom skills!

The heroes soundpack addon for this game is located here.
The soundpack to make it complete is located here


11/08/2016 Added Sewer area to underneath Central City
11/09/2016 Stun Gun works, battle suit repulser works, laser guns work.
11/09/2016 New area Hydra Fortress added
11/09/2016 adjusted mpstat, opstat and rpstat to always show full programs
11/10/2016 Further work on hacking gun, laser, suit to work correctly with
fire command.
11/11/2016 Added checks so after you fire a laser or repulser so many times
you have to recharge them.
11/11/2016 Added switch into mobs ability and player command to become a
player of any level for testing purposes
11/11/2016 Added clear command so can stop spam commands in combat at instant
11/12/2016 Added more checks to determine if battlesuit needs to be removed
because of damage
11/12/2016 Support for Mark1 ironman suit added
11/12/2016 Support for Mark2 ironman suit added
11/12/2016 Support for Mark3 ironman suit added
11/12/2016 Support for Mark4 ironman suit added
11/12/2016 Support for Mark5 ironman suit added
11/12/2016 Stealth mode skill added for Battlesuit class
11/12/2016 New skill radar track for Battlesuit class
11/12/2016 Added global damage adjustment on how much damage players do to mobs, with cset damage number
11/12/2016 New area The Caverns added
11/13/2016 Added variables code that adds more mobprog checks ie. mptag, mpclear, etc.
11/13/2016 Clan Shield now auto inducted after quest completion
11/13/2016 Clan Area SHIELD Helicarrier added
11/13/2016 Adjusted Equipment command so if you config showslots it shows you all equipment slots you can wear
11/14/2016 fixed bug with punch and kick skill when speedforce activated
11/14/2016 Fixed check_dodge, check_tumble, etc so they didn't always activate

I will probably still work on this release and make updates. As long as I am having fun with it. You can stop by and check it out if you want. It runs at 6dragons.tk port 4105.

Thank you for your interest,


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