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SmaugFUSS 1.9.3
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
AFKMud 2.2.2
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
tintin++ ogg sound player script for linux
Author: Robert Smith
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SmaugFUSS 1.9.1
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Various Samson 1.9.1 408 1.59 MB Nov 14, 2014

SmaugFUSS 1.9.1 is released. This is a major update which brings feature parity with the official Smaug 1.8b code release made nearly 5 years ago.

Apparently it came out at a bad time for everyone here since A LOT of the stuff that should have been merged with our codebase never was. Hopefully this release will correct that and put things back on track again.

Keep in mind that this does not include anything from the forums as it isn't clear to me what has and hasn't been addressed in the last 4 years of scattered posts here. If there are any outstanding issues in forum posts, it's probably best to post them as issues to the GitHub repository.

Speaking of GitHub, I've got a fork of the main repository here: https://github.com/Arthmoor/SmaugFUSS so you can see from the commit logs precisely what I've added and what's waiting to be merged back into Kayle's mainline branch.

Anyway, it's quite a list, so here it is:

Changes For SmaugFUSS 1.9.1

New Additions/Changes

Copyright header cleanups. Ought to be a lot less of the ugly broken ones now.
Imported the housing code. Players can now buy personal property built from rooms in a designated zone.
Imported the Extinguish command, along with the revamped Light command.
Imported room weight data. Essentially a capacity setting for rooms.
Imported the new clan/council storeroom system. Storerooms are now saved in a vaults folder.
Imported "mobinvade" command. Allows imms to quickly spawn up to 300 mobs to invade an area.
Imported two minor prompt variables from Smaug 1.8b.
Imported last and previous IP data for descriptors.
Imported Shell/Husk body part for mobs.
Imported liquid puddles. These act as temporary sources of liquids to fill up waterskins etc.
Imported 4 new mudprog triggers from Smaug 1.8b: login, void, greetinfight, and imminfo.
Imported the remaining unmerged login message support.
Imported the new "defeats" command for clans.
Imported the abbreviations support for clans and councils.
Imported the ECHOTAR_PK support for echo messages meant only for PK players.
Imported more detailed listings of mudprogs attached to mobs, objs, and rooms.
Imported the rloop command. This allows room builders to quickly execute a command across their entire range of room vnums.
Imported being able to set trap flags using the flag names instead of bitvector values.
Imported the beckon command - basically just a beep command.
Imported new enforcement flags to prevent players from setting bios, descriptions, homepages, and from using the new beckon command.
Imported "stopscript" and "nosteal" mob flags.
Imported the new grapple, pounce, cleave, meditate, and trance skills.
Imported the item connection code. This makes the item connect code snippet obsolete.
Imported the player journals code. This allows players to take notes in a journal item.
Imported new "noyell", "noquit", "nowhere", and "notrack" flags for rooms.
Imported the updated board and note code for expanded ballots.
Imported the updated projects code for assigning a project to an immortal.
Imported new pk_channels, pk_silence, dam_mvna, dam_navm, peaceful_exp, deadly_exp, tumble_pk, and portname CSet fields.
Imported group_teleport spell.
Updated restore command now allows selective restoration of players based on the deity they've devoted to.
Imported new loop command, which is similar in function to the rloop command, but can be used on a wider range of things.
Mstat command will now show the index level for a mob in addition to their instance level.
Ostat command will now show the index level for an obj in addition to the instance level.
Imported AEcho command which sends an echo message to players in the same area as the immortal sending the message.
Sacrifice command is no longer allowed in storerooms.
Imported support for permanent items that cannot be separated from the player even after death.
Imported new Death, Bug, and Retired channels.
Imported new Lead command which allows an immortal to lead low level characters.
Imported new SayTo command. This makes Kratas' "sayto" snippet obsolete.
Imported additional color support for some higher level immortal channels.
Skill and Class files have been updated to reflect 1.8b stock values.
PKs will now be made to wait for a bit before being allowed to supplicate for their corpse.
Added SmaugSpell flag that can block magic from taking effect on a mob.
Summon spells no longer bring aggressive NPCs.
Imported Close Portal spell.
Imported several missing stock skills and spells.

Bug Fixes Merged

Fix to the pager output code.
Fix for incorrectly setting player positions when a shove or drag command fails to process.
Fix for clans being able to induct non-PK players.
Fix for edit buffers not terminating properly if the last edited line was at the maximum number of allowed lines.
Fix for updating a clan roster when the player is removed via the mset command.
Several enforcement functions will now force save the player so they can't evade it by dropping link.
NPCs are now blocked from trying to use the owhere command.
Fix for do_retire so it won't abort when trying to bring an immortal out of retirement.
Container objects can no longer be sold at auction.
Fixed letting bids through that are less than the current bid on an item.
Fixed double return when a new bid is announced over the auction channel.
Immortals are no longer blocked from taking items from a frequently looted corpse.
Gnomish language was not completely implemented.
Double periods removed from gtell output.
Trying to follow a player who is ignoring you is now properly blocked.
Crash fix for pet saving when a player quits.
No longer possible to send tells and whispers to people you are ignoring.
Infinite loop bug in the pager output function fixed.
Player's initial gold value is now properly zero'd when entering the game for the first time.
Major bug fixes to the processing of parameters for the act() function. It will no longer pass along *void pointers to other functions. Ought to significantly reduce oddball crashing.
Crash bug fixed in removing comment notes from a player.
Fix for combatants being killed prior to checking defense flags.
Fix to prevent the Supermob from taking damage and possibly dragging him into a fight.
Getting zapped by an object after a shift in alignment won't result in losing it on the ground during an arena fight.
PK'ers will no longer flee into death traps. (Why only them, who knows, but that's what they changed.)
Fix in affect_modify for dealing with weapon wielding and strength modification that should cause you to drop them.
Fix in ris_save to check for the no_ris flags before returning a result.
Call Lightning, Earthquake, and Gas Breath will ignore MOBINVIS NPCs in the room.
Mentalstate will no longer be prone to wild swings when curing poison.
Exit flags were not handled properly when a passage way was dug out with an EX_DIG exit.
Scribing and Brewing will now impose the expected WAIT_STATE penalty when used.

Additional Bugfixes Included - Not from 1.8b

Several bug() calls updated to use the proper __FUNCTION__ tagging. They haven't all been found yet, but many that were are fixed.
Several fclose() calls did not NULL the file pointers after closing them.
Fixed a crash bug where it was possible to call for a clan roster update on an NPC or a player that isn't in one.
A few calls to pager_printf and send_to_pager changed to ch_printf and send_to_char since they were only calling for a single line.
Memory leak in do_oinvoke that was caused by creating an object before checking its index flags for the invoke limits.
Missing Nephandi and Savage class files have been restored. Not sure why they were ever missing as the code expects them to be there.
Removed the unsupported liquid_table from const.c since it was masking being able to detect compile errors with Noplex's system.
show_file was not sending the buffer with the proper \r\n line endings.
Missing mudprog types have been added to the mprog_name_to_type and mprog_type_to_name functions.
Crash bug fixed in liquids code if the vnum value was outside the array bounds of the table.
Some calls to the act() function were sending 0 instead of an explicit NULL.

Other Additional Material - Not from 1.8b

Added adminemail system data field so that there don't need to be any hardcoded refs to Thoric's old email accounts.

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