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AFKMud 2.2.3
Author: AFKMud Team
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.4
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
SmaugFUSS 1.9.3
Author: Various
Submitted by: Samson
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AFKMud 1.8 has been released!
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Post is unread #1 Dec 10, 2006 12:32 am   Last edited Dec 10, 2006 12:33 am by Samson
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Version 1.8 of AFKMud has been released.

This is a bugfix release.
A patch file is attached to this post, and will only be available via this post.
You must use g++ to compile this release.

To apply: place the patch file in your afkmud directory and use the following:
patch -p1 < 18patch.txt

This patch is intended for use on the original 1.77 package which was released on
January 22, 2006. If you have already applied any of the bugfixes in the forum post for 1.77 fixes
then the patch will likely fail. Proceed at your own risk.

Standard disclaimer type stuff: Changes in this version may or may not remain compatible with your
older support files, such as areas, commands, skills, socials, etc. If things break, you were warned.

Bugfixes this release:

Elimination of the log_buf global and all the problems it caused. [Samson]
Diggable exits not handled by instaroom. [Samson]
Object stacking is not working properly. [Samson]
Monks and Necromancers keep resist flags that should be upgraded. [Samson]
Class based bonuses are not held when removing/equipping items. [Samson]
Spell immunity checks are not working properly. [Samson]
Crash when trying to hold an item with no wielded weapon. [Samson]
Trap flags are not ordered right, missing some entries. [Remcon]
The bug function is susceptible to infinite looping. [Remcon]
Pfiles can cause infinite loops if corrupted. [Samson]
Where command was not finding objects on pfiles. [Samson]
Newly created class and race files save directory twice. [Remcon]
Using mudprog editor while in a relation lock causes a crash. [Halcyon]
Setclass will not set Charisma for prime attribute. [GatewaySysop]
Objects may lose data when saved. [Remcon]
Blinking color tags don't work properly. [Remcon]
Color theme file is not closed properly in an error condition. [Halcyon]
Score affects sometimes display in 3 columns. [Remcon]
Mobs can wander and flee through window exits and death traps. [Remcon]
Mudprog data not freed when an object is freed. [Keberus]
Damage message displays incorrect message. [Remcon]
The fread_mobile function is unsafe and also has leaks. [Remcon]
Area conversion breaks the area lists if one fails. [Samson]
rpedit command has wrong syntax options. [Toadvile]
Extracting mounted NPCs resets the wrong bit flag. [Kiasyn]
Oset does not use the correct values when setting lever flags. [Remcon]
File security issues in multiple modules. [Remcon/Samson]
String checking arguments reversed in ban code. [Remcon/Mordecai]
Mobs will ignore nomob flag in rooms when moving. [Remcon]
Any clan leader can outcast any member. [Remcon]
Action descriptions will reveal invisible players. [Remcon]
Web links incorrectly parse color tags when they should not. [Remcon]
do_exits does not check darkness before displaying the exits. [Banner]
mset and oset allow blank keywords to be set. [Toadvile]
Lever position ifcheck doesn't work properly. [Remcon]
mudprog ifchecks don't work on values 6-10. [Samson]
Numerous problems with the switch command. [Valcados]
hset command does not validate the level field. [Kiasyn]
mposet can cause object short descriptions to change mid-script. [Valcados]
Scavenging mobs claim to pick up prototype items. [Valcados]
Invisible glowing items aren't supported properly. [Valcados]
look command will show occupants in dark rooms when it shouldn't. [Valcados]
Breath mobs are biased based on room occupant order. [Valcados]
Mudprog ifchecks do not support proper nesting. [Valcados]
leave_prog can crash the game by closing an exit. [Samson/Remcon]
Aggressing mobs won't attack players using writing buffers. [Valcados]
Modifying prototype item affects can corrupt player stats. [Valcados]
Crashes and memory leaks in OLC functions. [Valcados]
smaug_spell skills stopped displaying success messages in some cases. [Samson]
autogold/sac/loot/etc. do not work correctly. [Valcados]
Deleting a room with the at command can lead to disaster. [Samson]
Port numbers sometimes show up in logs with negative values. [Samson]
Adding a room affect fails under most conditions. [Samson]
Global weath_unit value is not properly validated. [Remcon]
fwrite_obj does not validate for NULL objects. [Phoneix Dracul]
Backstab skill misuses short_descr field for players. [Toadvile]
Wearing an item with only a hold flag will crash the game. [Samson]
Switched players always show [help start]. [Toadvile]
Previous fix for deleted rooms is itself a crash vector. [Kigen]
Switched PC's cause crash in color processing. [Samson]
Pfile pruner has several problems. [Toadvile/Samson]
Auction item is not checked when object is extracted. [Samson]
Exit creation stumbles on flags in the argument. [Samson]
Run command does not stop the player if combat begins. [Samson]
Setting resets on rooms that have none yet will crash. [Remcon]
Old ibuild code chunks cause crashes when called from redit. [Samson/Remcon]
Ask command has global scope. [Samson]
FreeBSD fix for endian.h include in SHA-256 code. [Samson]

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Consolidated usage of the area_conflicts function. [Samson]
Added support for unimplemented trap flags. [Remcon]
Copyright headers updated for 2007. Yes, it's close enough. [Samson]

No, this isn't the long awaited C++ conversion code.

Attached file:

Filename: 18patch.txt
Size: 194 KB
Downloads: 17
Post is unread #2 Dec 13, 2006 6:53 pm   
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JoinedAug 10, 2005

My god, Remcon, do you sleep?
Oh wait that's right you are the Samson clone model 2....that's right....
Well done folks, my god...I really had to put my two bits in here after seeing all this...
I was codebase hunting and by Conner's request I am looking into your codebase.

Signed Lazerous
The Realm of Draenor

Post is unread #3 Dec 13, 2006 10:11 pm   
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

You should keep in mind that this is nearly a full year's worth of fixes that have been done. It just looks like a lot when it's all on the same list :)

Post is unread #4 Dec 13, 2006 10:38 pm   
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JoinedMay 8, 2005

Not to mention that Remcon's actually not on this list as many times as he has been for previous lists either. :wink:
The one who really gets the praise on this one is Samson, though there are definitely a number of folks who got significant honorable mentions up there too. :smile:

Post is unread #5 Dec 21, 2006 6:16 pm   Last edited Dec 21, 2006 6:17 pm by Zarius
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JoinedApr 23, 2002

Is there any rough ETA's on 2.0?

Post is unread #6 Dec 21, 2006 6:24 pm   Last edited Nov 25, 2007 9:07 pm by Samson
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JoinedJun 30, 2006

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