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What do you guys think of these building guidelines?
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Post is unread #1 Mar 14, 2018 1:03 pm   
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JoinedAug 28, 2016

In my many years playing MUDs, one thing that has always been an issue, is equipment becoming overpowered.

Since I am deciding to build my own, I have set up a system to where the equipment should be kept in check.. let me know what you guys think and if it's a good system

Equipment should be built on a point system, as such:

HP/Mana/Stamina - 2 pts per
Hitroll - 2 pts per
Damroll - 2 pts per
Main Stat - 5 pts per
Affectedby - 5 pts per
Grant Skill - 30 pts per (armor is programmed with mppractice to grant a skill they normally wouldn't have while wearing it and skill is removed when item is removed.... custom for my code)
layerable - 5 pts (only certain locations)
Armor Class - 1 pt per
Save vs - 1 pt per
wearspell - 25 pts per

When given an area to build, you will be given a skill level of the area
each skill level is allowed to use a certain amount of points.

Newbie - 10 pts allowed
Intermediate - 20 pts allowed
Skilled - 30 pts allowed
Advanced - 40 pts allowed
Pro - 50 pts allowed

Can anyone see any flaws in this?

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